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I Shouldn’t Need to “Research” Just to Grocery Shop!

By The Food Coach, Jennifer Bruer ¦  I am volunteering for this amazing new project called Paleo Toronto Organization. This is the same organization that will be hosting the Primal Symposium 2015 in Canada!… Continue reading

Toxic Moderation

By The Food Coach, Jennifer Bruer ¦  Wikipedia: moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. Come on, admit it, we’ve become a society full of extremes, a society that suffers from a… Continue reading

Sugar is the new cholesterol

By The Food Coach, Jennifer Bruer ¦  When I tell people that cholesterol is good for them, I get a whole bunch of different reactions but the two most common ones are anger and confusion. When… Continue reading


By The Food Coach, Jennifer Bruer ¦ “Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to.” Orson Scott Card There was a point in my journey to Living Grainlessly when I realised that social events… Continue reading

Whole-Grain CALAMITY!

By The Food Coach, Jennifer Bruer ¦  Why don’t I eat grains? Grains are bad for my intestinal (gut) health. Grains are SUGAR to my body and sugar feeds the “bad guys”, the bad bacteria… Continue reading