I Shouldn’t Need to “Research” Just to Grocery Shop!

By Jenn Bruer

I am volunteering for this amazing new project called Paleo Toronto Organization. This is the same organization that will be hosting the Primal Symposium 2015 in Canada! I have been working non-stop for days trying to promote it. That is, between swimming, mini-golfing, trips to the library, and of course a small amount of yelling at the kids to stop fighting! It’s our Canadian “March-Break” so things are busy to-say-the-least. My friend asked me this morning “why are you working so hard on this project?”. Here’s my answer:

I want my children to grow up in a world that is different to the one I have grown up in. I want my children to eat a grain-free HEALTHY diet when they grow up. I need my children not to live in world where fears of losing limbs due to diabetic amputation is common. I don’t want them to have to struggle in the ways that I do, and have, just to bring REAL FOOD to the table. Some days, I feel like I need a scientific text book just to grocery shop!!! Thank God I have science geeks like The Paleo Mom and Chris Kresser to make things easier on me! But let’s face it, something is wrong with that, I shouldn’t need to RESEARCH before GROCERY SHOPPING! (yeah I know I am yelling, it’s March-Break, I am entitled)

Something has to change, you can’t dispute that! Right now, finding non-toxic food is a feat, it shouldn’t be! I want our thoughts and values as a society to grow to the point that we value food and the things that we put into our bodies. We need to get to a place where food is respected. We need to respect our farmers the way we do our CEO’s of high powered corporations! Help by supporting your local farmer, ask your grocery stores to stock non-toxic food, purchase books, “like” pages, find new recipes, chat about this at your next social event,  BE the change. The more this FOOD MOVEMENT grows, the more easily available healthy-REAL foods will become. But first it has to be important to us.

And THAT is why I work with all of my heart to spread the message: food heals.


This is a post I wrote back in 2014, luckily the food movement has grown and there is so much more education and awareness going around. Thanks in part to food advocates like Vani Hari of The Food Babe. We need people like Vani to fight the good fight on our behalf.


2 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Need to “Research” Just to Grocery Shop!

  1. go you! passion and education change the world!!

    and yes, i totally agree that it’s so silly to have to look things up before grocery shopping, going out to eat, etc.


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