Sugar is the new cholesterol

By Jenn Bruer 


When I tell people that cholesterol is good for them, I get a whole bunch of different reactions but the two most common ones are anger and confusion. When someone is angry, I am always shocked. I am a Child and Youth Counsellor, that is my profession, that is what I do, day in, day out. I am a Food Coach because I believe I have a place in life to help re-educate people, to prevent illness in our world. I don’t get paid to talk about how cholesterol is good for them, why are they getting angry at me?

When I finally made my way over from the dark side (haha) I looked back and I could see the people that I love over there….I wanted them to come and join me. That’s the reason I am a Food Coach. I need my blog on my Living Grainlessly website to become more “popular” so that people will follow suit.

Funny enough, the information that I now live by is a) not new anymore, and b) not hard to understand at all. So here are some things I’ve learned in basic terms…

Cholesterol is a great thing; without it we would die instantly. Our body actually manufactures its own cholesterol. Lowering our cholesterol levels via drugs is a dumb idea – yeah, that’s right, putting our nation on Statin drugs to lower cholesterol is dumb. I know, I know, I can hear you saying “But, Jenn, I’m different, my father died a young man because of heart disease, I have to be careful and I don’t want to follow in his foot steps. Plus, Jenn, cholesterol actually forms a plaque around your arteries and that can cause a heart attack so I need to lower my cholesterol to avoid this”. I have heard this over and over and over again.Let me set the record straight. Cholesterol can and does form plaque around the arterial walls, but just as you can’t blame fire fighters for starting a fire merely because they were at the scene when you saw the fire, you can no longer blame cholesterol for merely being present at the scene. Cholesterol is present at the scene, cholesterol was merely trying to put out a fire. What fire you ask? The inflammation that was and is occurring right now around your arterial wall. Your body uses cholesterol to replace cells, to heal damage and calm inflammation. So if your body is developing cholesterol around the arteries, it’s because you have INFLAMMATION ( yes I am yelling).Why do we have inflammation? We have inflammation for a number of reasons but the biggest culprits are sugar, vegetable oils, and trans-fats. When we eat sugar we effect our hormones (namely insulin) and we send our body into an inflammatory frenzy. Vegetable oils have increased our omega 6’s (inflammatory). Trans-fats are a poison to our body that cause inflammation, but also raise the bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol. Put trans-fats and sugar together (think Twinkie-ish 7-11 foods) and we’re basically a ticking time bomb for a heart attack.Ask yourself this: “Do people around me seem to be getting sicker or healthier?” The truth is they’re getting sicker and it’s because we’re following BAD advise, we’re avoiding healthy foods like eggs and eating BAD foods like cereal. OMG yes, cereal. The name of my website is Living Grainlessly – get it?The basic concept of change is this: take everything you ever thought was true and do the complete bloody opposite – then you should be okay. Well, except vegetables, for now, they are still healthy – if they are Non-GMO, organic, and from a local sustainable farm :-).

I am being playful, but the truth is, this re-learning is hard and confusing. But please, do not give up! I need to believe that I can evoke a change. Right now someone is having a heart attack; that someone could be a person that ate low-fat, ran everyday, and now could die, leaving their loved ones confused. I have to believe that somewhere, someone with type-2 diabetes will NOT lose their leg because they chose to re-think things. Spread the message… Cholesterol is not the bad guy. Sugar is!

5 thoughts on “Sugar is the new cholesterol

  1. I think we should be be very careful when we label things as “good” and “bad”. Yes, cholesterol has many benefits and is vital to regulating the tension of the membranes around our cells. But too much can be very harmful.
    When we have high ‘blood cholesterol’ we are talking about the level of LDL (low-density lipoproteins) in our blood which are basically lipid sacs transporting cholesterol ester. Although the process is still not completely understood it’s believed that the inflammation you are referring to in your artery walls is in fact initiated by high blood cholesterol.
    Evidence suggests the process begins with oxidation of the apolipoproteins on the surface of the LDLs when the concentration is very high, The oxidised LDLs are then absorbed into the artery wall where they activate a series of cells involved in the immune system, including macrophages, T cells, B cells, mast cells and neutrophils. The activation of these cells results in inflammation, and the inflammation results in damage to the artery wall and laying down of fibrous tissue which forms a plaque.

    BOTH sugar and ‘bad cholesterol’ (i.e. saturated and trans fats) in EXCESS are bad for us.

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