Whole-Grain CALAMITY!


By Jenn Bruer

Why don’t I eat grains?

Grains are bad for my intestinal (gut) health. Grains are SUGAR to my body and sugar feeds the “bad guys”, the bad bacteria living inside me. I know that any nutrients I can get from grains, I can get elsewhere so grains aren’t really necessary.

Grains cause inflammation; some believe inflammation is the root-cause of all disease. Grains have only been around for 10,000 years (or so), which (coincidentally?) is right around the time when we (humans) started to develop tooth decay. We also shrunk and our overall bone health deteriorated. Grains inhibit vitamin and mineral absorption.  Grains contain substances like phytic acid which prevent proper absorption of vital nutrients.

Foods rich in sugar, or carbohydrates, give quick energy, but that energy wears off  fast. Since grains break down into sugar, our insulin rises and our blood sugar crashes, making us want to crave more grains… enter the ‘vicious cycle’.

Besides all of that, the benefits of a grain-free diet  are enormous; just look around, there are anecdotes EVERYWHERE. Plenty of people suffering from a whole list of issues (Crohn’s, arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, etc.) are getting better and some are even curing their illnesses from a grain-free diet! I, personally, have never felt better since going grain-free in September of 2011.

People assume that mainstream medicine is not in support of this diet. But hang on a minute! I remember when I was 10, visiting my family doctor for regular asthma checkups; he smoked a pipe while he listened to my chest! I know, silly right? Well, people back then would say “smoking can’t be that bad; my doctor does it”. But times change. Smoking became NOT good; hmmm, perhaps doctors should NOT smoke while seeing to patients (duh!). There was a time between time, time when it was okay and then time when it was not okay.

This is where I think we are right now with grains. Yesterday grains were healthy, and tomorrow grains will be considered unhealthy. I know of several medical doctors that suggest going Paleo or Primal, especially heart doctors!  Many of my friends say they’ve gone Paleo on the suggestion of their doctor!!

Enter the shift. It seems that as a collective there IS a definite shift happening! Yay us!


Some might say that grain-free benefits aren’t  “backed up” by clinical trials, or suggest  that there is “no evidence” that diet can play such a pivotal role in the prevention or treatment of serious diseases. But seriously now, do we really expect any of the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies to spend millions on a clinical study that proves the benefits of grain free living? Or that FOODS are capable of healing?  Would that be smart of them? Where’s the profit in that?!

Did you know that in one chinese study it was found that women who consumed 10 grams of fresh mushrooms each day (about one button mushroom per day) had a 64% decreased risk of  breast cancer? Huh! Go figure, you didn’t know that! If there was a drug that could reduce your risk of breast cancer by 64%, don’t you think it would be all over the news?

Since we know we can’t rely on Big-pharma to give us studies to “prove” the benefits of anything other than their own drugs, all we are left with is the personal stories of those who have made changes! Like me 🙂 Let our own personal success stories be proof enough – try Living Grainlessly for 30 days and become a success story of your own!

Now go eat some mushrooms. But please, hold the bread!


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