Diet Sugars

By Jenn Bruer


Sorry to say, but we’ve been misled for years! Misled about artificial sugars, by our food regulating companies! Until a couple of years ago I falsely believed that fake sugar, like aspartame, was a good alternative to real sugar. Sugar is something we have to be mindful of, but we can’t have-our-cake-and-eat-it-too, so to speak. For years, I would for-go real sugar for the fake ones in order to watch calories and with the hopes of lowering my “glycemic load”. I bought “zero” yogurt instead of real whole yogurt sweetened with fruit, and of course I bought Diet Coke (especially when I went to the drive through to order a Big Mac and small fries!) all the while thinking I was making “good choices”.  All with good intentions, but the truth is, artificial sweeteners are not healthy OR safe for any of us. Fake sugar can increase your appetite, increase cravings for carbs, and stimulate weight gain! Even more alarming, fake sugars WORSEN insulin resistance; not to mention aspartame is a neurotoxin! Avoid chemical fake sugars like your life depends on it.

I avoid fake sugar, even in my chewing gum. I still chew gum but I look for gum sweetened with sugar alcohols like: xylitol, glycerol, sorbitol, maltitol, or mannitol. I like stevia which is a natural based sweetener extracted from an herb, although I am still cautious when using stevia since it’s been extracted (like juice) and isn’t found that way in nature. I use stevia to sweeten my coffee but I limit my use of these products as much as possible, limiting to chewing gum and coffee only. I like these sugar alternatives because they don’t cause a sugar spike which is bad news.

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