Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised, Ethically Treated- Meat


By Jenn Bruer

Did it ever occur to you that cows weren’t supposed to eat grains!? Think about it for a second; we manufacture food for cows. Isn’t that odd? What would cows eat if we weren’t mass producing grains for them? The answer is GRASS. Cows eat grass, they prefer grass. Just as we shouldn’t eat grains because it causes our bodies to be sick and inflamed neither should cows. Here’s the scoop as to why my freezer is full of grass-fed beef….

Grass-fed beef is healthier, it contains up to a third less fat per serving than grain-fed beef. The fat in grass-fed beef is also far more beneficial: it contains almost double heart- and brain-protecting omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These cows have fewer bouts of illness too which means they’ve been given less medication. Grass-fed cows have twice the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) per serving. Recently I read about a study that has linked higher CLA levels with easier weight loss and a reduced risk of heart disease as well as certain types of cancer!

These fun stats and facts aside, I want to eat animals that were raised as naturally as possible, that were able to get fresh air and eat what they were meant to eat! It seems to make simple sense. A stressed and inflamed animal surely can’t provide the same nutritional benefits as a happy healthy one……right?

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