Fatty Liver


By Jenn Bruer

Are you concerned about (non alcoholic) fatty liver? Well I am! If you’re overweight, then you should be too! Especially since non-alcoholic fatty liver is the most common liver disease in Canada. A person has a “fatty liver” when fat makes up at least 5-10% of the liver. Excessive abdominal fat is associated with fatty liver disease. What’s alarming is that you can have fatty liver without any symptoms what-so-ever. Although fatigue and pain in the upper right abdomen can occur. I am seeing people pop up all over the place, perceived “healthy” people getting diagnosed with fatty liver! I suspect that I, myself may even have an undiagnosed case of “fatty liver”. Why do I think this? Because I am overweight and have struggled with obesity for years. So what am I doing to prevent this from turning into something more serious?

  • When I wake up in the morning I drink 500ml of water with one whole FRESH lemon squeezed into it. Then I wait a good 30 minutes before I have my coffee. This allows my liver to “flush”.
  • I avoid vegetable oils like the plague as these contribute to fatty liver- among other serious health concerns. (check your salad dressing people!).
  • I eat plenty of coconut oil and coconut products as these help cleanse the liver.
  • I take milk thistle and cinnamon (capsules) with my daily supplements. Milk thistle and cinnamon work synergistically to cleanse the liver from toxins and get it working more efficiently. Cinnamon also works to lower blood sugar, so whenever I have a dessert, I make sure to either add cinnamon or take a capsule with it to lower the glycemic load of whatever it is that I am eating (and probably shouldn’t have been eating in the first place ha ha).
  • I drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks completely.
  • I avoid GRAINS, yes grains- YES even whole-grains. Rice, avoid it, barley, yes that too, oats, yep even “heart healthy oats”, corn, yep, you name a grain and I DO NOT eat it(unless I am cheating because my mother-in-law made something irresistible). Grains are high in carbs and your liver actually uses carbs to create cholesterol and in the process it leaves deposits of fat. Click here to find out more on why I avoid grains.

Oh and, A low-fat diets contribute to fatty liver because cutting fat usually results in increased carbohydrate intake which, in turn, increases the conversion of carbohydrates to fats.

Now go, protect your liver would ya!

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