Let’s Talk About EGGS


By Jenn Bruer 

I remember when I avoided eggs because I feared they’d clog my arteries. I especially feared eggs since heart disease and obesity runs rampant in my family. I thought eggs would contribute to the possibility of developing plaque around my arteries and therefore increase my risk for heart attack or stroke! Eeek! Now, of course, I know better, because as my friend Oprah likes to say “when you know better you do better”! Let’s talk for a minute about eggs so you can do better too…

Eggs were once thought to be bad for you because they contain cholesterol. While eggs still posses a moderate amount of cholesterol we now know that eggs also contain choline and choline is a natural cholesterol reducer. When we ingest choline, choline binds to cholesterol and excretes it out of the body. So while eggs do contain cholesterol the choline almost cancels it out. I NEVER eat egg-white omelets, not  only because they are tasteless, but because egg yolks are filled with anti-oxidants. Whole eggs also contain vital nutrients like: choline, zinc, Omega 3, folate, iron, lutein, vitamin A, B12, D, E, niacin- just to name a few! Egg is also a complete protein, so if you skip your morning oatmeal for 2 or 3 eggs in the morning we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be fuller longer (since protein and fat takes longer to digest). Also because of the fat content eggs satiate us! When we are thinking about reducing our waistlines we MUST be thinking about satiety! Eggs require NO insulin to digest which makes them, in my opinion AWESOME. Cereal require tons of insulin to digest. Insulin is slowly killing us, even slim people who don’t need to lose weight still need to be mindful of relying too much on insulin. So…over easy or sunny side up?

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