Coming Out Of The Box…

Thanks for visiting Living Grainlessly. My name is Jenn Bruer and I am a 41 years old wife and busy mother.  I am on a path of discovering improved health for myself and my family, and I hope that Living Grainlessly will lead you to the same path.

Living Grainlessly is a stepping stone for those of you who want to come out of that box that is commonly known as the “Standard American Diet” (SAD).

In the past I have struggled with obesity and a general feeling of unwell. I experienced frequent signs of inflammation, body and joint aches, constipation, mood swings, mild depression, severe adult acne, severe sugar cravings, bloating, physical and emotional exhaustion, PMS, iron-deficiency anemia… and the list could go on. In September of 2011 I discovered the “Paleo/Primal” lifestyle, which meant eliminating processed foods, grains, most dairy, and beans. Since then, I have dropped 10 dress sizes and am feeling much healthier. 

A Paleo/Primal diet, or any other diet, should, in my opinion, be a mere guide and not a rigid set of rules. My health choices do not fit inside a box; I don’t “follow” one specific set of guidelines.  I often refer to myself as Paleo, Primal or Ancestral but never 100%, because that’s not realistic. Instead, I approach food with a down-to-earth style that makes healthy-living attainableNo boxes here! 

I am armed with a new-found knowledge and I feel compelled to spread the word. Food heals!

Living Grainlessly, you will begin making food changes toward better health. Your eyes will open to how flippant society has become about health; we have become accustomed to seek help only when we show signs of illness. But Living Grainlessly, you will learn that FOOD is medicine and that FOOD has the power to heal. Living Grainlessly, you will get to a place where you are trying to prevent disease, and not just treat it.

Open your eyes to some of the food myths that we have been led to believe. Leave the box of pre-conceived food notions and food rules behind, and join me, Living Grainlessly and box free!